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GMNP sources

The matlab sources of the General Model of Negative Priming are available here.

The sources are given as a zip-file.


The present bundle of matlab functions is a complete implementation of the
General Model for Negative Priming first described in (Schrobsdorff2009).
The call of GMNP_simulator starts a run according to the parameters given
in user_control.m. Those parameters can be adjusted more or less freely
but they will certainly affect the model behavior without checking for
meaningful behavior.

For a visual control of the current parameter setting, sophisticated
plotting routines are present. Nevertheless for time and memory efficiency
plotting can be turned off allowing for longer statistical analyses.

For a reproduction of the Simulations presented in the Frontiers Paper,
copy the example files to user_control.m
or change line 41 of GMNP_simulator.m to read the appropriate user control

    The main simulation file to call from a matlab-prompt
    Several typedef-like definitions for better readability of the code
    Parameter file for controlling model behavior
    Parameter file for simulation #1
    Parameter file for  simulation #2
    Parameter file for simulation #3
    Parameter file for simulation #4

    Definitions of paradigms are given in the appropriate file.
    The mapping from semantic layer to actions is defined in the
    compute_action functions individually for each paradigm
    Two different stimulus files that just differ by length. Use the short
    one for testing purposes and the long one for good statistics.
    Each paradigm implements ist own plotting function to display the
    involved layers only.
    Single plot routines to display a certain layer. In this way it is
    possible to call the layer into an individual figure for an export and
    the like via a click on the layer title in the overview plot