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An Advanced Computational Neuroscience School in the Emotion-Cognition-Link-Series - Neural circuit theories for primate cognition


September 2nd - 10th 2017


Aim of the course

The school features intensive lectures and advanced theoretical problem work by world leading experts. In contrast to most other courses in computational neuroscience, it is designed for participants with a mathematical and quantitative background.

Theory main lecturers

    Evening lecturers

      Course details

      The school consists of consecutive two day thematic blocks dedicated to a particular theoretical approach to neural circuit dynamics. Each lecturer will give a self-contained introduction to his/her particular theoretical approach in two sets of morning lectures. In the afternoon, participants will work on problem sets designed to develop proficiency in these theoretical tools and approaches, for an in-depth understanding of the mathematical techniques presented earlier that day. Every second day, participants will present the results of their problems sets followed by a closing discussion lead by the lecturer in charge. Laid back style evening lectures by senior scientists will take place on the alternating evenings.


      Course Material


      Successful applicants should provide expertise in mathematical modelling and analysis in order to be able to follow the scope of the courses. They should indicate their interest in theoretical neuroscience in general, and their motivation to attend this summer school in particular. Applicants should organize at least one letter of recommendation (a second one is optional). It is to be sent to acns@nld.ds.mpg.de directly by the referee by July 23rd.

      There is an admission fee of 200€. Lodging expenses during the course are covered by the sponsor. A limited amount of travel grants is available, supposed to support students who could not attend the course otherwise.

      Application is open until July 23rd.

      Accepted applicants will be notified by August 3rd.

      Course organizers

      Diemut Regel
      Barbara Feulner
      Alexander Schmidt
      Jens Wilting

      Course administrators  

      Ayse Bolik
      Viktoria Novak

      For questions please use our contact form.

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