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13th Summer Course on Computational Neuroscience, Göttingen - Theoretical perspectives on neural assemblies

The orchestrated interplay of thousands of nerve cells represents, processes and stores information in human and animal brains. Technological advances like optogenetics, connectomics and cellular resolution imaging provide tools to observe and manipulate the activity of such neuronal assemblies. These developments open new avenues for the interplay of theory and experiment in neuroscience and challenge the development of mathematical approaches for the systematic dissection and understanding of network processing. The Göttingen advanced computational neuroscience summer school provides focused training on cutting edge theoretical concepts and ideas in this field.

September 2nd - 12th 2015

Aim of the course

The school features intensive lectures and advanced theoretical problem work by world leading experts. In contrast to most other courses in computational neuroscience, it is designed for participants with a mathematical and quantitative background.


    Evening Speakers

      Course details

      The school consists of consecutive two day thematic blocks dedicated to a particular theoretical approach to neural assemblies. Each lecturer will give a self-contained introduction to a particular theoretical approach in two sets of morning lectures. In the afternoon, participants will work on problem sets designed to develop proficiency in these theoretical tools and approaches.



      Course Material

      Registration is open until August 17th. No registration fee. The sponsor will provide lodging expenses during the course.

      -- organized by  Maximilian Puelma-Touzel
      Agostina Palmigiano
      Joscha Liedtke
      Manuel Schottdorf
      Rainer Engelken

      -- adminstration by  Regina Wunderlich
      Viktoria Novak

      Can be asked via our contact form.

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