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Modelling spike-timing dependent plasticity.

Spike-timing dependent plasticity is related to the differential Hebbian learning rule, which we use also for controlling robots (ISO/ICO rule). This relation can be used to derive a flexible formalism that allows modelling STDP in an efficient way. Thus, we can now investigate STDP local at dendrites or the change of STDP as a consequence of pre- and post-synaptic parameter.
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Modelling structural plasticity

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Philosophy, The Arts and Public Awareness of Science

This project addresses aspects, which are usually not in the center of interest of a natural scientist. Still, every now and then, we found ourselves in a position that we felt the need to “think a bit beyond” the data and the quantifications treated and performed done in our daily business and to deal with issues of wider interest. Several publications have arisen from this, addressing issues of “mind and body”, which should be – at least – an interesting read hopefully stimulating discussions and some more “thoughts-beyond”.
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Physiology and Modelling of the Visual System (mostly old work)

This project contains also a summary (Publications) of the older work of this group. Over years we had been concerned with the physiology of the visual cortex and the LGN being especially interested in the influence of cortico-thalamic feedback. In paralell we had developed models of the primary visual pathway where the most recent model concerns the retina.
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