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D4 - Decoding of hand grasping movements from parietal and premotor cortex

Hansjörg Scherberger and Alexander Gail

We investigate how intentions to move the hand are generated in the brain of non-human primates and how such movement intentions can be decoded for the control of an artificial hand. Using multi-channel microelectrode recordings from signals related to hand grasping in parietal and premotor cortex, we aim to develop neural interfaces that are able to predict hand grasping movements in real-time.

Decoding of arbitrary hand shapes. In a first set of experiments, neural activity from parietal and premotor cortex is then recorded while animals perform grasping movements. In addition, hand and finger kinematics are monitored by a data glove. The recorded neuronal activity is then correlated with the hand and finger movements. Using such a database, we aim to develop a software system that is able to decode arbitrary hand movements continuously from neural activity and control a robotic hand. Such a system can then be tested to manipulate new and previously unseen objects.

Decoding of timing signals. In a second set of experiments, we aim to predict also the movement timing from neural activity. For this, we will implement decoding algorithms that will continuously interpret neural activity to estimate the behavioral state of the animal (e.g., baseline, planning, or movement execution). Such real-time predictions of behavioral states will differentiate between action planning and execution, and can potentially be used as a signal for movement initiation.

Belongs to Group(s):
Primate Neurobiology, Sensorimotor transformations

Is part of  Section D 

Members working within this Project:
Scherberger, Hansjörg 
Gail, Alexander 

Selected Publication(s):

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