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Bassel Zeidan, Sakyasingha Dasgupta, Florentin Wörgötter, and Poramate Manoonpong (2014)

Adaptive Landmark-Based Navigation System Using Learning Techniques

From Animals to Animats 13, ©2014 Springer International Publishing Switzerland (From Animals to Animats 13 Lecture Notes in Computer Science edition)(ISBN: 8575).  (export entry)

The goal-directed navigational ability of animals is an essential prerequisite for them to survive. They can learn to navigate to a distal goal in a complex environment. During this long-distance navigation, they exploit environmental features, like landmarks, to guide them towards their goal. Inspired by this, we develop an adaptive landmark-based navigation system based on sequential reinforcement learning. In addition, correlation-based learning is also integrated into the system to improve learning performance. The proposed system has been applied to simulated simple wheeled and more complex hexapod robots. As a result, it allows the robots to successfully learn to navigate to distal goals in complex environments.