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Correlations between directional and orientational tuning of cells in cat striate cortex
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Isotropic connections generate functional asymmetrical behavior in visual cortical cells.
J. Neurophysiol. 66:444-459. download file

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Sharpening of orientation selective receptive fields in the mammalian visual cortex by long-range interactions
In: Proc. of the German Workshop on Artificial Intelligence (GWAI-90). GWAI, pages ,.

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Circular inhibition: A new concept in long-range interactions in the mammalian visual cortex
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Quantification and comparison of cell properties in cat's striate cortex determined by different types of stimuli
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Temporal dynamics in neuronal microcircuitry
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Axis of preferred motion is a function of bar length in visual cortical receptive fields
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A simple glass coated, fire-polished tungsten electrode with impedance adjustment using hydrofluoridic acid
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Local cortical lesions abolish lateral inhibition at direction selective cells in cat visual cortex
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An on-line spike form discriminator based on an analog correlation technique
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