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All members at the BCCN Göttingen, sorted by name.

List only the executive board or all staff members

Name Status Email Phone Group(s)
Battaglia Demian (Alumnus) send email to Demian Battaglia  [+33 6 35 95 33 94 Bernstein Fellows , Nonlinear Dynamics
Biess Armin (Post Doc) send email to Armin Biess  [+49-(0)551-5176-424 Bernstein Fellows
Dutschmann Mathias (Alumnus) send email to Mathias Dutschmann  [+(61 3) 9035 5511 Physiology of respiratory behavior
Ecker Alexander (Prof.) send email to Alexander Ecker  [+49-(0)551-
Enderlein Jörg (Prof.) send email to Jörg Enderlein  [ +49 551 39-13833 Single Molecule Spectroscopy and Imaging
Farina Dario (Prof.) send email to Dario Farina  [+ 49 (0) 551 / 3920100 Neurorehabilitation Engineering
Fiala André (Prof.) send email to André Fiala  [+49-(0)551-39 177920 Molecular Neurobiology of Behaviour
Fischer Julia (Prof.) send email to Julia Fischer  [+49 (0)551 3851 0 Cognitive Ethology
Frahm Jens (Prof.) send email to Jens Frahm  [+49-(0)551-201-1721 NMR in living systems , Executive Board
Gail Alexander (Group Leader) send email to Alexander Gail  [+49-(0)551-38 51358 Sensorimotor transformations
Geisel Theo (Prof.) send email to Theo Geisel  [+49-(0)551-5176-401 Nonlinear Dynamics , Executive Board
Gibbons Henning (Prof.) send email to Henning Gibbons  [+49-(0)551-393623 Developmental psychology
Gollisch Tim (Prof.) send email to Tim Gollisch  [+49-(0)551-39-13542 Sensory Processing in the Retina
Graimann Bernhard (Management) send email to Bernhard Graimann  [+49-(0)5527-848-3426 Executive Board , Neuroprosthetics
Göpfert Martin (Prof.) send email to Martin Göpfert  [+49-(0)551-39 177955 Cellular Neurobiology
Gütig Robert (Group Leader) send email to Robert Gütig  [+49-(0)551-3899 - 490 Theoretical Neuroscience
Hasselhorn Marcus (Prof.) send email to Marcus Hasselhorn   [+49-(0)551-39 92 88 Developmental psychology
Herrmann Michael (Prof.) send email to Michael Herrmann  [44 131 651-7177 Self-organization in Adaptive Systems
Hohage Thorsten (Prof.) send email to Thorsten Hohage  [++49 +551 39-4509 Not a member of a group
Keller Bernhard (Prof.) send email to Bernhard Keller  [+49-(0)551-39 96 77 Calcium- dependent signal processing
Kree Reiner (Prof.) send email to Reiner Kree  [+49-(0)551-39 95 65 Statistical Mechanics and Complex Systems I
Levina Anna (Alumnus) send email to Anna Levina  [+49-(0)551-5176-419 Nonlinear Dynamics
Luther Stefan (Prof.) send email to Stefan Luther  [+49-(0)551-3899-370 Biomedical Physics Group
Löwel Siegrid (Prof.) send email to Siegrid Löwel  [+49-(0)551-39-20161/60 Systems Neuroscience , Executive Board
Moser Tobias (Prof.) send email to Tobias Moser  [+49-(0)551-39-8968 Executive Board , Physiology of the hair cell ribbon synapse