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Self-organization in Adaptive Systems

Michael Herrmann

Prof. Dr. J. Michael Herrmann
School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh
10 Crichton St
Edinburgh, EH8 9AB

Members working within this Group:

Name Status Email Phone
Fiedler Katja    (Alumnus)     send email to Katja Fiedler 
Haß Joachim    (Alumnus)     send email to Joachim Haß 
Herrmann Michael    (Prof.)     send email to Michael Herrmann   [44 131 651-7177
Hesse Frank    (Post Doc)     send email to Frank Hesse   [+49-(0)551-5176-461
Ihrke Matthias    (Alumnus)     send email to Matthias Ihrke  
Martius Georg    (Alumnus)     send email to Georg Martius 
Schrobsdorff Hecke    (Post Doc)     send email to Hecke Schrobsdorff   [+49-(0)551-5176-441

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