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Executive Board

Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience (BCCN) Göttingen

Members working within this Group:

Name Status Email Phone
Frahm Jens    (Prof.)     send email to Jens Frahm   [+49-(0)551-201-1721
Geisel Theo    (Prof.)     send email to Theo Geisel   [+49-(0)551-5176-401
Graimann Bernhard    (Management)     send email to Bernhard Graimann   [+49-(0)5527-848-3426
Löwel Siegrid    (Prof.)     send email to Siegrid Löwel   [+49-(0)551-39-20161/60
Moser Tobias    (Prof.)     send email to Tobias Moser   [+49-(0)551-39-8968
Reimann Yvonne    (Management)     send email to Yvonne Reimann   [+49-(0)551-5176-425
Treue Stefan    (Prof.)     send email to Stefan Treue   [+49-(0)551-38 51117
Wolf Fred    (Prof.)     send email to Fred Wolf   [+49-(0)551-5176-423
Wörgötter Florentin    (Prof.)     send email to Florentin Wörgötter   [+49-(0)551-39-10760