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Bernstein Fellows

Independent Research Positions in Computational Neuroscience

Bernstein Fellows have the opportunity to collaborate with other members of the BCCN or to pursue an independent research program complementing the activities of the BCCN.

Positions as Bernstein Fellows are awarded to strong research personalities, who are experienced in the field of Computational Neuroscience and/or related disciplines such as theoretical physics, biophysics, mathematics, or computer science and with commitment to a research career in neuroscience.

Projects involved:

Members working within this Group:

Name Status Email Phone
Battaglia Demian    (Alumnus)     send email to Demian Battaglia 
Biess Armin    (Post Doc)     send email to Armin Biess   [+49-(0)551-5176-424
Neef Andreas    (Group Leader)     send email to Andreas Neef   [+49-(0)551-5176-424
Tsigankov Dmitry    (Alumnus)     send email to Dmitry Tsigankov 

All Publications of the group (chronological)

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